What closures to choose for the creation of your custom hats?

A Lot of people find themselves in tight corners when trying to choose headwear. Choosing a hat may not seem so easy; however, it’s pretty easy when you know the style and design that suits your preference.

However, when it comes to choosing closures, a good number of people are a bit lost and do not know the different closure options available. It’s important to know the different hat closures, as they serve different purposes and preferences.

Also, this will help you from getting the wrong hat sizes and save you lots of stress.

If you are wondering why you should know the different types of hat closures available, imagine you go online. You try to find a hat you love, but you can’t seem to find something because you do not like the look of the closure.

And yes, the closure also tells a lot about the beauty of a cap. Having this knowledge will help you know what to search for and where to search for it.

Also, if you are confused regarding the types of hat closures, don’t worry; we’ll be helping you understand the different types of hat closures available.

We have two major types of hat closures which are further broken down into varieties of closures. We have :

  • Unadjustable hat closures
  • Adjustable hat closures.

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Before we go into the different types of closures, you need to know that that the type of hat closure you should go for depends on some factors. They include;

  1. The purpose of the hat,( Are they part of a uniform or they are used as promotional items, the activities the hat will be used for)
  2. The variety of people you are creating the hat for( the elderly may prefer a fitted hat to younger adults).
  3. How long you’ll be wearing the cap.

Unadjustable hat closures

As the name implies,  Unadjustable hats have no mechanism or ways to modify the size of the hat; there is no way you can adjust the size of the hats.  They are fitted to fit specific sizes of heads. Usually, before manufacturers make these hats, they take note of different head measurements.

There are also some adjustable hats knows as Flexfit hats; they have elastic bands in the back, and they come in the standard size range(large, medium, small).

Since these hats have extra room to fit your head, you can easily select one of these hats if you want that fit look or feeling. The issue with fitted hats, though, is that since there is no opening in the back and an adjustable strap, it wouldn’t be a great option for someone with lots of hair or someone with a ponytail.

But a good number of people like the comfort of a fitted hat.

These types of closures are often used for baseball caps and many modern hats in the hat market today.

Adjustable Hat closures

Adjustable hats come with closures that provide a source of adjustment or modification of the size of the hat. They are usually opened at the back, giving you room to make any changes you want. The closures come in a variety of designs and a wide range of colors to suit individual preferences.

They are more affordable than fitted hats. And also, they catch the attention of people more, as people tend to admire them more than fitted hats. Also, it is quite beneficial to manufacturers as they don’t have to bother about size during production.

And also, buyers wouldn’t have to bother about measurements at the point of purchase. And that’s why these types of hats are more popular than fitted hats.

It is usually the closure of choice for sports caps and other hats used for physical activities.

It a great option for people who have full hair or long hair; it’s also a good option for those with a ponytail.

Unlike adjustable hats, adjustable hat closures come in varieties. Some of the types of adjustable hat closures include:


This material is quite popular in the market today, and it is used for making clothes and even shoes. The straps are usually light-weight and strong.

It is quite easy, doesn’t irritate, and it’s very comfortable as all it requires is to strap a side of it to the opposite side, and it’s in place.


A plastic strap is another great option as it’s very straightforward and easy to use. It a good option for those days when you are rushing out, and you do not have time to stand in front of the Mirror.

In seconds, your plastic strap is in place. Easy to use and easy to take care of.



This hat closure comes with a poly snap fabric and leather that gives a classy, sleek, vintage, and attractive appearance to hats. It comes in lots of colors so it will meet the demands of customers adequately.


These straps will help your hat have a classy and unique touch, making it stand out among other hats. It gives your hat a high-quality look that will get looks of approval as you step out in it.

Leather and Metal

Sometimes leather straps are used together with metal buckles. These two options fitted together is another great option because of the comfort it provides


We know-how difficult hat selections can be, especially if you have to pay attention to specifics like hat closures. Having this information at hand will help you know the amazing options out there; it will also give you an edge to some extent so you’ll know what suits your preference or what will satisfy the demands of your customers.

There are lots of options out there for cap closures, but if you want to go for a comfortable option for an adjustable hat, the Velcro strap is a great choice. However, your preference is what matters, and there are enough options out there, and one will definitely suit your need.