The top 40 different types of hats you should be learning 

The hat is a shaped covering worn on the head for warmth, making a fashion statement, or part of a uniform. Caps vary in types, sizes, and shapes. There are different types of hats, one for every occasion. Hats remain constant in the fashion world; other fashion trends may come and go but not hats.

They are versatile fashion accessories that any person, regardless of gender or age, can wear. Choosing a type of hat all boils down to one’s style. The various types of hats have great significance in diverse cultures. They connote a person’s class status, profession, and personality.

The top 40 different types of hats you should be learning.

We cannot talk about the different types of hats without adequately explaining the hat anatomy. There are essential parts that make up different types of caps: the crown, band, brim, sweatband, under visor, button, and eyelets.

The crown is the top of the hat that acts as a covering for the head. The band is a decorative strip that encircles the crown. The brim/visor helps to block the sun from your eyes. The sweatband maintains the hat shape and also absorbs sweat. The liner is the material inside the hat;

it is common for winter hats and provides an extra layer against the cold. The button hides the area where the cloth panels are sewn together, and the eyelets provide ventilation that keeps the head warm.

Hats are made up of different materials: cotton, canvas, wool, felt, twill, suede, straw, jute, leather, acrylic, polyester, polypropylene, mesh, nylon linen, silk, taffeta, Tulsa, velvet, rigid plastic, foam, and rubber. It is essential to know the material that your hat is made of to wash it properly and allow you to choose the right type of hat.

When choosing suitable hats, we should consider the face shape, hairstyle, size, color, personality, lifestyle, and budget. Here are forty (40) different types of hats. These are just a little when compared to the many hats we have

Cartwheel hats


A cartwheel hat has a wide-brimmed circular design with a low crown; it is usually worn at an angle of the head, almost like the fascinators. It is made with felt or straw materials.

Homburg hat

The Homburg Hat originated from Hesse, Germany, and is made up of a flat-brim. It mostly comes in black or grey colors. It is not so loose or so tight, and it fits just perfectly on the head.

Trilby hats

The trilby hat is a type of hat is similar to the Fedora. However, the trilby has a shorter brim and a higher crown. Hat makers often used straws to make trilbies. This fashion accessory is much more casual than a fedora, and plenty of men continue to wear this hat today.

This type of hat is primarily associated with hip-hop in the 90s, and they have been best-loved among the old and young ever since. They are also a type of baseball cap.

Trucker hats

This type of hat was popular in the 2000s. they are also a kind of baseball caps with netted backs; they are no longer as trendy as they used to be in the 2000s

Camper hats

These are hats used for outdoor camping to prevent one hair from getting stuck in trees and prevent one from harsh weather conditions.

Army hats

It is also known as a patrol hat. This hat has a soft kepi, with a stiff, round visor and flat top, similar to a baseball cap. It is worn by military personnel during basic training.

Ivy Cap

An ivy cap is a type of stuff flat cap. It has a very short brim like a baseball cap. It is made of cloth-either cotton, wool, or wool blends, leather or polyester, and a low crown or profile set forward and fastened to the brim.

Visor cap

The visor cap – also known as the sports visor or sun visor. The top of the head of this hat is not covered, which helps in ventilation. It protects the face, which includes the eyes, nose, and cheeks, from the sun. It was mainly used by people involved in outdoor sports; Golf, Tennis, Etc but everybody now uses it.

Fez cap

It is a felt blanket, shaped like a short cylindrical hat, without a tip, usually red, sometimes with tassels. They wore it mainly during the Ottoman era as soldiers wore

Breton caps

A Breton (or Bretonne) is a fabric cap with a peek at the front associated with fishers. It prevents them from the sun or cold.

This type of hat never goes out of fashion. The light cotton cap has a rounded crown and a visor for its brim. Baseball players wear this during their games.


It is said that the word bean formerly meant head. The beanie is a type of hat that is knitted and round. It gives the head a perfect fitting, a popular choice for winter. It is versatile and great for cold weather. Nowadays, people wear it to make a fashion statement, rather than keeping warm during cold weather.


This type of hat was worn mainly by commoners in past times but not anymore. It is a good hat for the winter. The beret is brimless with a soft, round crown that is flat on top. It is usually made from wool, but its materials can vary.


The boater is a famous summer dress hat worn by both genders. It protects people against the sun when going on boat rides because of its wide brim.

Bowler hats.

Americans call this type of hat “the derby,” while in Spanish, it is referred to as the “bombin.” it is, however, commonly known as the bowler hat. It is pretty durable, with a stiff felt, rounded crown perfect for semi-formal and informal occasions, so it protects people from low sprung Bough during carriage rides.

Bucket hats

Also called the hipster hat because of its popularity among the youth. It has a wide, soft brim that is often made from cotton, denim, or canvas. Its brim slopes downwards, offering a lot of protection against the sun.

Cowboy hats

Where are all my cowboys at? They formerly made it with Animal Fur before the invention of new materials. Cowboys usually wore it to prevent their faces from the sun; hence, the name cowboy hats.


There are plenty of cool hats out there, but none beats the deerstalker, maybe because it is associated with the fictional character Sherlock Holmes. Its origin could be traced back to deer hunters who often wore this hat. It comprises the triangular panels sewn together to form the crown, two brims, and matching ear flaps.

Flat caps

Chimney sweepers wore flat caps in the past, but as the world revolved, it favored all kinds of people, especially golf players.

Hard hats

The hard hat is a rounded helmet meant to protect construction workers, miners, etc. It is a type of hat that puts position above style. It is made from high-density polyethylene or HDPE, which is strong enough to protect them from falling debris.


It is known as an academic cap, graduate cap, or corner cap. It is flat and square with a tassel buttoned to the center of the hat. They are primarily seen in graduation ceremonies as a sign of celebration of their academic success. Graduates toss them in the air in anticipation of the hopeful future.

Pith helmet

Adapted from the Philippines, “salakot,” the pith helmet is a lightweight European safari hat, hard and covered in cloth. European travelers wore the helmet as protection against tropical climates in the tropic.

Sun Hat/ Floppy Hat

It is another type of hat that shields the wearer from a harsh sunny climate—also called a floppy hat or field hat. It is mainly a favorite for frequent beachgoers, hence the name. Straw is one of the primary materials for this hat.

Top hat

It is one of the most popular types of hats for men. The top hat- also known as a high hat, topper or magician was a favorite among men formals. It is a tall, cylindrical crown with a wide brim. It is now worn as part of costumes or for a fancy occasions. It symbolizes class and capitalism in pop culture.

Chefs hat

On arrival at a fancy restaurant, you will see chefs wearing a white cylindrical hat. It is a chef’s hat or togue. Chefs wear it to keep their hair away from their faces; it also prevents stray hairs from getting into the food.


Unlike other hats, the turban does not have a fixed shape; to wear this, you wrap a large piece of fabric around the head ad a headdress. Its origination came from India, Southeast Asia, and Africa. It is also a large part of many religious practices, as some Islamic clerics wear this to imitate the prophet, Mohammed.


The ushanka is a Russian favorite. It is made from fur with ear flaps you can tie to the crown or underneath your chin. It is also popular with skiers because of its protection against the cold while skiing down a snow mountain.



Ever seen a small cap on a cleric’s head and wondered what to call it? It is called a zucchetto or small gourd in Italian, a small, brimless skull cap in different colors. The different colors represent a rank within the roman catholic church.

Aviator or trapper hats

If you want a hat that is tough and rugged, look no further than the trapper. The frontiersmen and mountain climbers wear this type of hat as they hiked terrains like the Appalachians.

Panama hats

The Panama hat comes from Panama. This type of hat keeps the sun off your face in an incredibly stylish fashion. The Panama hat is made from toquilla straw and made in Ecuador in the hands of the finest craftsman.

Boonie hats

They are outdoor hats worn for fishing, hiking, and safaris. It is an adjustable string that keeps it tightly on your head.


It originated from the UK, where a female guest at important events wore it to be seen as a mystery. Now it is worn by women from different countries either for religious activity or for an occasion.


The name was brought out from the word Sombra, meaning shade. Mexican Ranchers wore the Hats to the farm to block them from Harsh weather conditions. It has now become a massive part of their culture.

Santa hats

Ho, ho, ho, merry Christmas. People wear this to celebrate the Christmas season, so it has red and white, soft on the head. Christmas usually comes up during the winter season, so it is made of wool to prevent cold.

Witch hats

Are you looking for the perfect costume to slay this Halloween? Then witch hat is the right hat for you, made from black felt. It sits tall on the wearer’s head.


Most people call it a ski mask. It covers the entire head, including the ears, opening the eyes, and sometimes the mouth. Made from cotton and polyester, they are excellent protection against the sun.

 Boudoir caps.

It is a type of hat for women in the 1900s. Women paired boudoir caps with nightgowns or lingerie. In this modern-day, it is known as hair bonnet, usually used to hide their undressed hair or tuck in their hair to help them sleep properly.


It is a type of hat with a conical shape. European Noblewomen and ladies wore this hat in the late middle ages, the reason why people associate this headdress with princesses. It is worn by all and sundry as long as you’re a princess at heart.

Fedora hat

The Fedora has a wide brim and a crown that is indented and pitched and usually finished with a ribbon hatband. We can make it in any color, but it is primarily produced in black, gray, dark brown, and tan, made from felt. The Fedora is soft with a medium brim and a stylish ribbon as its band. Its distinct characteristic lies in the crown, which is creased lengthwise.

In conclusion

It is said that variety is a spice of life, why not spice up your life by adding more hats to your closet,

So if you are a lover of adventure, or you prefer hanging out at the beach,  whatever the occasion or season, Christmas, Halloween, there is always a hat for you.

Remember, you can never have too many hats. Now let your hat do the trick for you.