Top 10 of Fashion Caps in 2018


When we think of the glamorous yesteryears, men always seem to have hats on all the time. But it is now considered as an outdated trend.

Today, they are often used for their expediency than as an essential part of one’s wardrobe. And this is why caps seem to be more favored than the traditional-looking headgears.

Here is a list of caps – the designer ones; that will without a doubt, heighten your style.

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Fashion caps In 2018

#1 VAN’S Drop V II Snapback Baseball Cap

If you have a thing for street style, this cap is a classic that fits right into the current trend for logos. VAN’S Drop V II Snapback Baseball Cap has a design that will always be cool. It is made from 20% wool and 80% acrylic and isn’t washable.

If you love skateboarding, Van’s snapback is a cool accessory to go with. One reason to avoid this cap is there is a figurative age limit for wearing it, but it is currently being embraced by all age groups.

#2 Homme Plissé Issey Miyake Green Pleated Cap

Men who are striving to stand out every day; this Issey Miyake’s green pleated cap is just the perfect accessory for them. The execution of the pleats is very fashion-forward and the color is such a delight to the eyes.

But there is a catch! It may be a challenge to pull off the look for an ordinary guy – that’s the point, it is not for everyone! You can wear this cap for whatever mood or setting you are in. The trick is to wear it with confidence with a head held up high.

#3 Acne Studios Blue & Black Carli Face Cap

The purpose of this cap is not just to calm your head from the sun, but it can very much make your outfit into a laid-back and a very chill one.

This cool face cap from Acne Studios is a cheerful way to tap into the trend of outdoorsy clothing and unsurprisingly, it is practical for walks and summer on the beach as well.

#4 Givenchy Logo Flat-Bill Hat with Wing Print

This cap has a ‘party in the back’ and ‘business up front’ kind of design but not like the awful look of the infamous mullet. You can easily get away with the modest yet sleek canvas cap that is a typical look on its own.

Our personal pro tip: no matter how jazzy and funky the design is at the rear, don’t put the cap on backward, just don’t. This cap usually goes great with street style but looks perfect with other ensembles as well.

MGD Trucker hat-2

#5 Neil Barrett Brush Stroke Baseball Cap

If you want a simple yet ‘less is more’ kind of a vibe, this cap grabs other people’s attention without trying too hard. Neil Barrett’s brush stroke baseball cap will transform simple into edgy in no time. This six-panel unstructured cap is soft but durable and features an artsy print on the front.

#6 Givenchy Box Logo Cap

Speaking of effortless, this Givenchy box logo cap can go with your everyday clothes, cementing the fact that you are as effortless as your get-up seems to be.

It is a blend of cotton and nylon and the rubberized logo is appliquéd at front. The tonal stitching makes it unique and the Velcro clinch fastens at the back.

#7 Versace Medusa Trucker Cap

A supplement to the grand life you are living, the medusa trucker cap from Versace will really draw you into touching it. This is the most zeitgeist-y cap of all seasons that will impress in years to come.

It is composed of 100% polyester and the bold patterns and clashing color makes this product a must-have for the cap lovers.

#8 Ralph Lauren Polo Cotton Baseball Cap

If you are looking for a cap that works with everything, especially with your cool sweaters, the Polo Cotton Twill Baseball Cap from Ralph Lauren may be it.

This cotton twill baseball cap is as stylish as it is functional. Crafted from durable and quick-drying cotton, this cap will keep you cool-ish in summer and warm in winter.

#9 Stone Island Classic Embroidered Baseball Cap

Stone Island’s Classic Embroidered Baseball Cap is a guaranteed head turner despite its understated color and design. This cap is incredibly light and comfortable and looks great with almost every attire you chose to wear.

This logo-embroidered nylon cap befits the brand’s technically advanced streetwear reputation.

#10 Les Basics Baseball Cap

If you are not into flashy and funky kind of stuff and are a bit choosy about your fashion preference, the word ‘basic’ might come as an insult to you.

But this five-panel cap crafted in a premium-quality cotton from Les Basics is an imperturbable choice for outdoorsy types. It is discrete yet super soft and comfy.

Final Words

Caps are really sensible headgears that all men must have. However, it is easy to look foolish and childish in one. So the key is to wear them with confidence.

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