The right way to wear a baseball cap

Do you own a cap store? Does your customer sometimes ask you for advice on how to wear a baseball cap to look more stylish or masculine? If yes, you are going to benefit from this article.

As you likely know, the baseball cap took the sport and fashion world by storm in the mid-nineties.

Right now, the baseball cap is a fashion statement that when worn correctly can take an outfit from good to better. This explains why it is often sported on the runway.

Besides making you look cool, a baseball cap can shield your face from the sun and rain.

With the right baseball cap, you can do everything from support your favorite team to improve your looks. Even more, you can use it to cover your hair when it is messy.

All baseball caps aren’t the same

As a cap seller, you know that baseball cap comes in different shapes and sizes. This clearly means that the one-size-fits-all approach won’t work.

Knowing a thing or two about the various types of baseball caps on the market will go a long way in helping you offer better styling advice to your customers.

Custom high profile contrasting color sandwich baseball cap
Red cotton 6 panel high profile baseball cap
Unstructured cotton twill screen printing cap

Types of baseball caps

The snapback  

The snapback is super popular in the US and other parts of the world. It features a flat peak, an adjustable strap, and a six-panel construction.

Snapbacks are perfect for anyone looking to pull off a classic look. Because of the super slick design of the snapback, it is a uniform for hipsters and hip-hop stars. So, if you are able to style it properly, you are going to look amazing.

The five-panel

Five panel caps have a rich history. Before taking center stage in the fashion world, it was a skateboarding icon and was used in performance-cycling ages ago.

What sets the five-panel from other caps out there is its round low-profile shape.

The five panel is a good fit for anyone who wants to stand out or take their fashion game to the next level.

 The Trucker cap

The trucker cap has been the favorite of truckers and rural workers since the 1970s. Thanks to actors like Ashton Kutcher and a few others, the trucker cap became famous. In fact, in the early 2000s, it was a trend and was considered by many as an important fashion piece.

Sadly, the fame of the trucker cap slowly eroded over the last couple of years. Presently, it is seen by many as a fashion destroyer.

The Dad cap

The dad cap is a popular piece that has been around for a long time. But it is only recently that people started referring to it as a dad cap, as it looked like something an old man will wear. Dad caps usually have a faded appearance, unstructured design, and a curved peak.

It is a great pick for people who are new to caps or want to spice their outfits.

Premium cap

A lot has changed in the cap industry in the last 100 years. Thanks to new technologies, cap manufactures can now use state of the art machines and lightweight materials to make high-quality baseball cap.

Presently, there are a lot of reputable designers working hard to make amazing baseball caps that will turn heads and upgrade most outfits.

Premium caps are perfect for anyone who wants to be at the center of attention.

Leading baseball cap brands

Needless to say, there are a lot of brands that sell baseball cap. While some of them are great and offer premium quality caps, others sell low-quality caps that will fall apart after a while. Below are some popular baseball cap brands that have made a name for themself and sell top-notch baseball caps.

 The Richardson

This is a popular cap brand that has been around since the 1970s. They offer a unique caliber of products and are dedicated to making premium quality caps that will exceed the expectation of their customers.

Besides making regular caps, the Richardson brand also specialized in making custom baseball caps for businesses and professional baseball teams.

Pacific headwear

Pacific headwear is a reputable cap brand that was founded by Don DeZarn in 1998. It started out small in an old diaper factory with only a few employees and 12 embroidery machines. Things changed for the better in September 1998 when they got their first order from McKenzie Athletics. Their resourcefulness, commitment to excellence, and keen attention to detail gave them the boost they needed to roll with the big guns in the cap industry.

Presently, they are one of the leading cap-brand in the world. They have retail distributors scattered around Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe, and the United States.

Baseball cap rules you should live by

Take off the sticker

Most baseball cap on the market comes with stickers.  You may think that leaving the stickers on the cap will make you look cool. But the truth is that it will not.

If the information on the sticker was important, it would have been embroidered on the cap.

Fits is everything

The fits of your baseball cap can make or break your outfit. Wearing a baseball cap that is too big will make you look sloppy. On the other hand, wearing a cap that is too tight will make you feel uncomfortable.

Caps that have adjustable snapback are great, as you can adjust them with relative ease.

Stay away from hats with large or shouting logo

If you don’t want random people to strike up a conversation with you about the logo on your cap, then you should stick to plain caps.

However, if you must wear baseball caps with a logo, ensure that you know a lot about it.