The History of Richardson Hats and How it Became a Major Iconic Brand

Richardson Hat Company is the premier custom hat maker in America. They have been making hats for over a century and their hats are made with quality and care.

Richardson Hat Company is not new to the hat making industry, they have been in business for over 100 years. They are known for their high-quality hats that are made to be strong, last long, and look good too. They have gained success through selling their product nationally in stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s, JCPenney, Dillards.

In 1883, a man named James Richardson teamed up with a hat maker in Baltimore and founded the company in Richardson’s backyard. The company started with a humble beginning of making only one kind of hat.

In 1903, the company was expanding so fast that they needed to have more room to produce their hats. They had been expanding every few years and it seemed like it was time for another expansion for this growing business.

In 1913, James Richardson died and his son took over the business. In 1933, James Jr., the son, passed away and his grandson took over the family business. In 1948, James III was born and he became the fourth generation of Richarson family ownership in the hat industry.

What Makes the Richardson Hat so Unique and Stand Out?

Richardson has taken the time to ensure that every detail of their product is perfect for you. They are not just a hat company, they are your go-to for any accessory needs.

Richardson’s goal is to offer the most extensive, well-crafted, and exclusive designs in order to establish themselves as the go-to destination for today’s most fashionable, distinguished gentleman.

This includes every detail of their hats. Richardson hats differ from other companies in that they use only high-quality sheepskin and fine cashmere felt on the exterior of their hats. These materials speak volumes about how much attention Richardson pays to detail and quality with all their products.

The classic cap shape for Richardson 112 Hats.

Richardson 112 hats are a popular type of hat that is known for their classic look. It has an adjustable plastic snap on the back that allows for a perfect fit. It is a slightly curved visor style hat with a mesh fabric on the back of the hat. The Richardson hats are perfect for any occasion and can be worn anywhere.

The classic cap shape is the most widely used among all of the shapes. They are most popular with fashion brands because of how versatile they are. Brands can use them for both men and women, for fashion shows, brand promotion, or even people’s day-to-day outfits.

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How To Customize Your Richardson Hat

We all love our Richardson hats. But no matter how many we have, we want to customize it to make it different from the others.

One way is to add a custom logo or a custom tag on the hat. You can also buy a hat and customize it by sewing a patch on the front of the hat or embroidering your name on the side.

Another way is to put your favorite sports team’s logo on the front of your hat and you will be representing them proudly!

When you have an initial idea, get going!

If you are a trader, middleman, or owner of your own brand, then you can find the nearest Richardson designated supplier to customize your product.

If you only need to order dozens, hundreds, or thousands, then unfortunately, these suppliers will probably not accept your order. Because there are so few of them.

So you really don’t have a way to customize it? Apparently not….

Why Buy A Custom Made Richardson Hat?

In conclusion, you should buy a custom made Richardson hat because it is the best way to ensure that you have a perfect fit. They are also more flexible and can handle any weather condition.

Of course, If you really don’t like it, we recommend other:

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