The history of bucket hat


With the global popularity of hip-hop,

the Fisherman’s hat as the representative of its fashion item, is thoroughly popular again.

But where did the fisherman’s hat originate, and what kind of fashion and cultural background it has.

Let’s explore it.

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Fisherman’s Hat means Bucket Hat.

But because it was originally worn by Irish farmers and fishermen, it has since come to be known as the Bucket Hat.

The Classic Fisherman’s hat is a soft cotton hat with a narrow, small brim that can be covered very deeply.

Men and women wear the same kind of hat. Unlike a baseball cap, the Fisherman’s hat has a long, pointed leading edge, with only a slightly trapezoidal shade edge.

Fisherman hat is usually a thicker material, some elastic weave made, the two sides may have a metal ring hole so that the hat-wearing people in the summer will not be too hot.

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Fisherman’s cap – “In the past, in the present”


American culture

In American popular culture, the most famous person who wore a fisherman’s hat in the early days was Gilligan.

A well-known character in the 1960s comedy Gilligan’s Island appears on camera year-round in a fisherman’s hat.

Gilligan’s actor Rodný Danfield often jokes that in his old age, he would usually get a free bowl of Toynes shaped like a bowl if he wore a fisherman’s hat.

In 1998, the Fisherman’s hat of Alexandre, the lead singer of the American band Radical Boys, became almost a personal trademark.

Good Guy

Hip-hop culture

But the most important part of the Bucket hat is in hip hop, where LL Cool J, one of the most important figures of the early hip hop era, has become a staple of his wardrobe and an important element of the retro hip hop of the 1990s.

Hip-hop people are fastidious about style, before the great popularity of the cap, in the 90s only top hat and fisherman’s hat in the majority.

The Fisherman’s hat also continued to represent hip hop in later generations, with Ames, Rick Ross, and P. Diddy, the new hip-hop rep, Et Cetera, all wore Bucket hats.

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Modern fashion culture

In recent years, the Bucket hat has developed many different faces and gradually become one of the favorite themes in the fashion world.

And the Bucket hat is no longer just a function of shading the sun and rain or a symbol of a certain style,

the spread of fans in various fields has made the evolution of the Bucket hat a qualitative change,

while the designers have made the Bucket hat a fashionable element in the collision of fashion and utility.