How To Make Heat Transfer Hat

You can make your business, team, brand, or school stand out with top-quality Heat transfer hat.

If you’re an importer or looking to brand your business, Heat Transfer is the best way to stand out in the crowd.

Heat Transfer can be done on hats, hats, and many more. When you choose to make a Heat Transfer hat, some of the letterings would be raised to add depth and height to the design.

If you’re an importer, brander, or wholesaler, it can help your business grow as you’ll be offering something most of your competitors won’t be able to.

While Heat Transfer can look quite challenging to achieve, it is pretty easy with a hat press. Making a Heat Transfer hat with a hat heat press can help you complete several in very little time.

A hat press allows you to explore different embroidery styles, and it comes with different needles you’ll need to do embroidery.

There are two ways you can make a Heat Transfer hat, and that’s with a patch and a image. Keep reading to discover how to make a Heat Transfer hat with a hat press.

How to Make Heat Transfer Hat With Hat Press




There is no debate that Heat Transfer is one of the most popular trends when it comes to hats. You can easily make a Heat Transfer hat in a minute if you’re using a hat heat press.

This section will explain how to get a image look on your hat using a hat press. The steps are pretty simple; let’s take a look.

Step 1: Load the Hat

The first step to take when you’re looking to use a hat heat press for making Heat Transfer hats is to load the hat on the machine. Once you get the hat on the hat press, you should pull the hold-down device lever.

This lever ensures that the hat is secure and correctly positioned. Once it is in place, you’re ready to do it.

Step 2: Fix the Emblem

Next, you have to fix the Heat Transfer embellishment on the hat. To successfully carry out this step, you will need to apply a little adhesive to the back of the embellishment.

In addition, make sure it is heat-activated to ensure the best results.

Once you confirm this, place the symbol on the hat right where you need it to be. Check to ensure it is in place and that it sticks right on the hat.

Apply Heat


This is where we apply the heat process using the hat heat press.

First, you have to set the temperature you would like to use the hat heat press to apply heat on the hat.

To get the best results, we propose that you set the top heat temperature of the machine to 130° while you set the bottom heat to 160°. By applying pressure and this temperature using the hat heat-press, you’ll get a Heat Transfer hat in just 25 seconds.

That’s it! Your Heat Transfer hat is ready, and you can start making many more like it using the hat press.