Different types of hat fabrics

cap fabric

Just as there are numerous fabric options for the clothes we put on, there are also many fabric options for hats.Often times we overlook the material we use for hats, leading to the misuse and underuse of some materials.

It’s important to know the type of fabric your hat is made of, so you’ll know when to use it, where to use it and how to take proper care of the material. For example, you cannot clean or maintain a polyester hat the same as a nylon hat.

Also, if you are a hat vendor, it’s important to know the fabric options available, so you’ll be able to meet the needs of your customers effectively.

There are lots of fabric options out there, and we can not exalt all the types of fabrics out there; however, we’ll be narrowing them down to some common fabrics in the hat market today.

We didn’t just get a list of fabrics; we got a detailed list of good fabrics.



Nylon is a fabric that is very suitable for hot summer days because, at the end of production, you’ll get a thin and lightweight cap.

The material is highly breathable and is very soothing on those scorching summer days.

It is produced from recycled plastic, and amazingly it doesn’t shrink, so it keeps its original shape.They are easy to maintain and take care of.

Nylon only has one issue, though; it is not so good at wicking away moisture. But overall, it’s a good fabric option for hats used during summer.




Polyester is one of the most popular fabrics used in making hats today.

It is a synthetic fiber, and it’s the staple material in modern hat production. It is also made from recycled plastic like nylon. It is a go-to for lots of hat lovers because it is very durable and resistant to water and abrasions.

It has a great moisture-wicking property, and it is excellent at absorbing sweat from the skin, completely creating comfort by helping the skin stay dry and less moist. It is a great option for summer.

It is popularly used for dad hats(baseball caps), exercise hats, and summer hats because of their amazing moisture-absorbing properties.


Cotton is a great natural fiber popularly used in making hats today.

Pure cotton is quite expensive as compared to synthetic fiber, and that’s why a lot of hats are not 100% cotton.

The material is comfortable, soft, and breathable. Its hypoallergenic property makes it a very great option for those with sensitive skin as it doesn’t cause skin irritation.

It is also great at controlling moisture. Its moisture-absorbing property makes it very suitable for making the headbands of caps. The downside to this fabric, though, is its durability. It is not as durable as some synthetic fibers, like polyester.

That’s why it is often blended with fibers that are manufactured to improve its durability.



Just like cotton, linen is also a natural fiber, and it is extracted from the flax plant.

It is often used in place of cotton, sometimes for those who want to make use of natural fiber. It is very soft and breathable and also very comfortable on the skin. It is fantastic for summer and also for spring.



Oftentimes people associate wool with knitted hats like beanies, for example. But they are used for a large range of caps. A good number of classic hats are either completely wool or part wool.

They are also a well know standard component of a lot of baseball hat; it is also commonly used in making berets. It is a great fabric option for winter hats because they have a great way of keeping you warm.

As great as wool is, it’s been said to make hair brittle. It has a way of absorbing moisture from the hair, making the hair dry and fragile.

To keep healthy hair, it’s best to line your hair first with a satin cap before wearing a hat made with wool.


Straw has taken the world of hat fashion by a storm. It is made of materials from a variety of plants and even synthetic fibers sometimes.

Some plants used in its production include bamboo, papyrus reeds, sisal, and wheatgrass. It is a great option for summers because it protects from fierce sun rays.


Plastic is a very popular fabric used over the past few years. They are have taken over the fashion world of headwear in the form of plastic and retro visors used by women.

They are very suitable for summer as they can protect you from the fierce sun. A good number of women love retro visors because they come in colorful and attractive shades.

So it is not just great for protection; you also get to stand out looking colorful. Hats made with plastic fabrics are also very easy to clean than other fabrics.


For the sturdy brim of a hat, buckram is a great option.

Because it’s a stiff material, it is used to strengthen baseball hats visors. It is also used to strengthen the brims of classy hats.

It is often concealed with the outer section of the hat.

Before, buckram was sometimes made of horsehair, but now it is made with cotton.


The range of materials used to make hats is quite wide, and the type of fabric used depends on the purpose of the hat.

The world of hats is quite liberal, and new materials are getting introduced every day, new products are getting into the market every day.

However, the materials listed above are the common fabrics used for making hats today.

You should always have an idea of different types of fabrics if you are a hat lover or a hat seller.

You’ll be able to make wise and informed decisions when buying hats or trying to order from hat manufacturers.