Custom hats – The important thing you must know

    We live in a world where everyone wants to make a statement one way or the other. Clothes, accessories, and even automobiles are being used. And choosing to do so with a custom cap is possible, and it is also cool to know that it’s quite easy to get it done.

Yes, you can order your custom cap and even fix your logo in it and guess what? It’s not as difficult or strenuous as it seems. If you’ve been looking for how to go about it, all you just need is the right information, and you are good to go.

We’ll be providing you with all you need by listing four basic steps.

Why do people choose to design their hats themselves?

Designing your hat yourself may give this positive sense of fulfillment- There is nothing like that personal sense of fulfillment you’ll feel after getting something done to suit your taste and preference.

There are several other reasons why people may choose to design their hats; for some, it could be for brand promotion, gift ideas, and so on. And it’s also important to know the reason you want to design your hat, that way you’ll know what to go for.

Creating your hat.

        You’ll need to understand that creating a hat isn’t just about choosing colors and designs, especially when you want to design your hat for a specific reason. For example, if you want to use it for academic, career, or business purposes.

You’ll need to go wag beyond just choosing a color. To make this easier, some people may approach manufacturers or visit factories that can help them come up with amazing designs without going through all the stress of the material and quality of the hat.

Custom hats - The important thing you must know

 Select the right type of hat

Of course, the first thing you’ll need to is determining the type of hat that will suit your need. There are several types of hats out there that will do well as branded headwear. For example, baseball hats, beanies, Visors and bucket hats, trucker hats, and so on.

To determine the type of hat to go for, you’ll need to consider the reason you want to order a custom cap.  Do you want the cap for a good or warm environment?, Do you want to use the cap for sporting or athletic activities, or you just want to use it as a casual accessory.

Answering these questions will help you determine the type of hat to go for. If you have mixed reasons, then you can select several types of hats that suit each need.

For custom baseball caps, you’ll need to determine if you want a fashion or casual cap, a gym or exercise cap, etc. There are different styles of baseball hats to choose from, like the dad hats, performance and flexible fit, fashions hats, and truckers hats.

When selecting custom baseball caps, you should consider the people you are choosing them for. Are they young or old? Active or inactive? Do they love bright colors or something subtle? Most baseball hats are said to unisex, so they are usually a great option for everyone.

The usual options for promotional hats are baseball caps and maybe beanies. But other options are suitable for weather and events.

For example, you can consider visors or bucket hats for summer events, as they are a great option for brim hats that will keep the sun out of your face. Visors are also good options for golf outings and tournaments.

The reason for your order should determine the type of hat you go for.

Design your hat

After you have selected the type of hat you want, the next thing you’ll do is to create a good design that suits your taste. Apart from your statement or style, the design you choose also depends on the type of hat you selected.

Before you decide on the style you want, check the colors it’s available in and make sure there are selections you like. That will go well with your design to prevent colors from clashing with one another.

When designing your hat, you will always have a preview when you are done; this will help you know if the colors are in synchrony. And you can always change your mind and start over if you don’t like what you see.


Upload your selected design and order your hat

After you’ve gone through your design again and again and you are sure it’s perfect, then you can upload your design or logo and then go ahead with your order.

Though this depends on the type of hat you choose, options to upload the front and back design can be displayed; if that’s the case, you can create both designs to suit your preference before you upload it. You can consider using an EPS file, as they give great results when uploading designs.

Once you’ve uploaded your design, you’ll fix it on the hat in the way you’ll want it to be either printed or embroidered. If you can’t fix it perfectly, you have nothing to worry about.

Usually, all design mock-ups will be received and reviewed by humans to make sure they are perfectly fitted. Then you can go ahead to choose the quantity you’d like to be delivered to you, then click add to cart. You can then check out to pay for your branded hats.

If you have specifics or you want something fully custom, you can reach out to the manufacturer.


This is the role of the manufacturer after you’ve selected your cap and you’ve created your design, and you’ve placed your order. The manufacturer will print or embroider your design on the type of hat you choose and package them to be sent to you.

You can also choose to ship them down to individuals.

The delivery destination will be solely dependent on where you want it to get to.


Creating your hat may take time, especially if your reason is a very crucial one. If you just want to wear it just because you love one. You can as well breeze through these design engines and come up with something in minutes. But if the goal is to get a hat that will stand out, then it goes beyond creating a design and putting a logo.

If the design engine you are using is complex, you’ll need to think through panels, logos, labels and fabric styles, and little details like the closure method that has a huge role to play in how your heart looks. Have you ever worn a cloth that looked so amazing, yet wasn’t so comfortable. Or maybe it was comfortable, but it didn’t look so good.

You can guess that the person who created time in making the cloth didn’t pay attention to the details of the cloth, from the fabric to the design, and so on. The same thing applies to designing your hat. You have to think of the comfort and also how amazing it will look.

  • Designing your hat is still easy peezy, though!

We’ll make the process so easy for you that we’ll be breaking down all you need to know in detail. So the great ideas you have in your mind will become your desired reality.

We are going to start with the essentials you’ll be needing. Here are a few essentials you need to know;


The type of material you’ll be using will be largely influenced by the style you desire and the use of the hat. Thinking of an all-season cap? Then cotton or poly twill is a great go-to because it is versatile. It will keep you through all seasons. For cotton material, you may get hot in summer.

Poly-mesh will help you during hot weather, but it won’t really help you during the cold season. Suede and faux leather are very easy to clean, and they are resistant to water. You also have the option of wool and several other options.

That’s a good start, right?. I’m sure now you know that the material is really crucial to the use of your hat. Having this knowledge will help you when you want to design your hat. You can also research for several other material options online that suit your desired goal. This will be of great importance to you if you want to start a hat business.

Bill shape

This is actually determined in the factory, so you may not really contribute much to this, but having the knowledge is a great advantage because you can chip this in. You’ll get your desired bill shape from the factory.

The basic options are flat or curved. But you can also be specific because the degree of curvature differs. A steam billed or custom formed bill will look amazing.


The amount of panels you’ll use to design your hat depends on what the hat is being made for. For example, baseball caps are made of triangular panels, as compared with others that are circular. For fashion or casual outings, the cap you’ll wear may require fewer panels, as it’ll for loosely on your head, but for professional hats, for example, baseball caps, you’ll be needing more panels so the hat can fit perfectly on the head.

You’ll get to see several panel options from 4-6, and you’ll select which one suits your taste.

Cap closure

This is often overlooked by many cap designers, but the method you use for your cap closure will determine the style of your cap and how it will fit the head. There are several closure methods. Depending on what you are creating the hat for. Some hats are often fitted and closure free.

But you can choose from options like classic plastic snapback, glide closure, or buckle. These closure methods can be customized to your desired taste.


You can consider this if you are designing a hat for a brand. Packaging will help your brand and boost your sales.


You can also consider this if you are starting a hat business. This shouldn’t be so difficult. But it is important because it will represent your brand.


I’m sure you’ll finally conclude now that designing and ordering for a hat is easy and stress-free if you go with the flow and you have an end in mind. I guess you are already thinking of your design and how you’ll want your hat to look.

Remember, a hat isn’t just for fashion; it also showcases your style and brand. So take your time as you go through different colors and design options, also; try to research as much as you can on types of hats; this will help you produce a great end product.

Once you know what you want, the steps are very basic and easy. Choosing to showcase your brand and statement to the world is one of the ways to remain relevant in the world today, and using a custom cap is a great choice because it is not going extinct anytime soon,

it’s a fashion trend that is taking the world by a storm, and you can always be a part of it.

It’s time to create and order your custom cap.