Baseball cap and regular cap- what set them apart?


Baseball cap and regular cap- what set them apart

Hats come in different shapes and sizes. While there some are designed to be used exclusively for formal occasions, there are others that can be worn casually.

Knowing everything from the shape of a hat to its origin will go a long way in helping you determine when to wear it and how to use it to compliment your outfit.

As you likely know, no two hats are exactly the same. But most people have a hard time telling the difference between a baseball hat and a regular cap.

Because these two look almost the same, people can’t easily tell them apart.

That said, a custom cap manufacture can spot the difference between them from a mile away.

So if you can’t spot the difference between a regular hat and a baseball hat, this article is for you.

As you read on, you will come to see some key differences between them and when to wear them.

Before we dive right into that we are first going to be looking at the history of baseball caps and regular cap and some popular types of baseball caps.

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History of the baseball hat


The baseball hat wasn’t as popular is it is today. In the past, it was only worn by baseball players in the United States.

Back then, people didn’t really see them as a fashion statement and thus only wore them to watch their favorite team play.

Baseball hats became super popular when hip-hop artists and Hollywood directors started wearing it.

What most people don’t know is that the material used to make baseball cap has changed over the year.

The first batches of baseball hats were made of straw. As it became popular, materials like latex, wool, and brushed cotton were used to manufacture it.

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Types of baseball hats

Presently, there are two main types of baseball hats on the market. The first is- the tall crown baseball cap. The second is the soft crown baseball cap.

Below are some other baseball hats that aren’t too popular.

  • Stretch fit baseball hat
  • Classic style baseball hat (they are usually made with materials like polyester and cotton)
  • Baseball cap with an adjustable strap
  • Trucker cap

Before baseball hat became popular, it was only produced in standard hat size. This changed in 1980 when it started to become a fashion statement.

In that year, an adjustment strap was added to it. This made it a lot easier to wear.

The baseball cap market has grown significantly since then. Presently, about 40 million baseball caps are sold in the United States alone each year.

One of the top-tire hat factors in the US produces up to seventy-two thousand caps each week to meet the demand of their customers.

Custom baseball hats are also trending right now in the US and other parts of the world. Thanks to new technologies, basically anyone can design a custom logo or design that will be embedded in his cap.

History of a regular cap

In the past, caps were worn by hunters when in the outdoors. The cap protected their head and shielded their eyes from the sun.

Presently, it is worn not only by hunters but most people who work in the outdoors.

Now that you know a thing or two about the history of baseball hats and a regular cap, we are going to be looking at the difference between them.


Difference between baseball hat and a regular cap


A baseball cap is soft, round, and has a curved visor. Most baseball cap on the market has either a logo of sports teams or business brands.

Many custom baseball cap manufactures have sophisticated online programs that allow visitors to create their own logo within minutes.

A regular, on the other hand, doesn’t usually have a logo, but can be customized. Also, their visor is straight and flat.


If you look at a baseball cap and a regular cap from afar, you may think they are structure the same way. But when you draw them closer, you will come to see some major differences in their structure.

For example, the buttons present at the back of a baseball cap aren’t found in a regular cap.

On the other hand, a regular cap has a snap button feature that isn’t present in a baseball cap.


The regular cap was originally worn by hunters. As time when by, it became a fashion statement that is worn by people of all ages.

Baseball hats were originally designed for American baseball payers to protect their heads. It became super popular in recent years and is worn by fans.

Because they can be customized business owners use them to display their logo and showcase their brand.

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Baseball cap and regular cap- Which is more fashionable?

As you likely know, a baseball cap and a regular cap can take most casual outfits from good to better.

That said, choosing the more fashionable one is a bit of a challenge, as both of them look really great.

However, most people will pick a cap over a baseball cap because it is versatile. What this means is that a regular cap can complement most casual outfits.

Because baseball cap usually has elaborate logos of either a sports team or a brand, people who aren’t crazy about sports don’t usually opt for them.



Granted, baseball cap and a regular cap serve the same purpose. But they aren’t the same. Everything from their history, size, shape, and structure differs.

While both of them can complement most casual outfits, people usually choose a regular cap over a baseball cap, as it is versatile and doesn’t have large logos.

As you can likely tell, sports enthusiast will pick a baseball cap over a regular cap anytime any day.

Business owners looking to advertise their brand opt for baseball caps because they have more room to display a logo.

Well, the bottom line is that both caps are great and can make most outfits look better.