A few things you must know about Custom Dad Hats

You might be asking what a “custom dad hat” is, especially if you are just getting to know about them for the first time. But not to worry, this article is created with you in mind to make it easier for you to understand.

A dad hat, first of all, is just another name for a baseball hat worn by a lot of people, basically men, women, and children. But what differentiates a dad hat from those round baseball caps are the styles and manners in which a dad hat is structured. This headgear is designed with a curved brim in front of it and laced with adjustable straps, which makes it a perfect fit for the head.

These caps come in two styles; a structured and an unstructured fashion. Both are designed to sit perfectly on anyone who wears them.

Custom Dad Hats

Obviously, a custom dad hat is just a dad hat designed to give it that unique feel that is peculiar to just you alone. It’s easy. All you need to do is choose what you want to be embroidered on your dad hat, and voila, there you go!

These hats became popular around the 1990s as they were worn mostly by middle-aged men only – hence the name. Mostly used after baseball games and for park walks, these caps were a bit loose in size and wouldn’t fit a teenager and others not in the middle-aged class.

But by 2016, everything literally changed. These hats became more sought after and rocked by different classes of people, including women and children. Seemed like the middle-aged men were being kicked out of business. But as many people began to request for and purchase these hats, the market needs for them increased. That’s why till now, these hats are never going out of style. Everyone loves it, and I’m guessing you do too.

Custom Vintage Hats 2

These hats are fashionable accessories that have become trendy in fashion industries over the years. To exude elegance and style, you can opt for a classy custom dad hat of your preference to go with your casual wear or semi-formal outfits. And here’s the good thing about this cap; it doesn’t have to be a matching pair with whatever clothes you put on. It’s an accessory that screams style when it stands out on its own.

Modern fashion brands, and of course even your favorite fashion labels, have taken a liking to this hat trend by incorporating them into their brands as part of the products they sell. It’s absolutely lovely and can be worn in any season. You don’t need to wait for a winter or summer season before getting all dolled up in your outfit and topping this cap on like a cherry.

Some people do have a hard time trying to match the picture of a custom dad hat with a baseball cap to see if they’re the same thing. You can take a look at these classy dad hats designs here.

While baseball caps are mostly of a round shape and specific colors, a customs dad hat is shaped in a way that it shields your face from the sun – just like a face cap. And it comes in a variety of colors, thereby giving you a wide range of options to pick from.

Concerned about the texture of a dad hat? You shouldn’t have to worry. These caps are made with materials that are 100% cotton and totally friendly for the skin. Also, some are made from linen fabrics, faux-leather cotton materials, polyester, wool, and canvas. So totally, there are a lot of options to pick from.

What’s more? Asides from making you look stylish and fashionable, this hat also serves other purposes you may not have known. Here are some of them:

Custom dad hats act as shields from certain weather conditions:



Think of having to deal with the scorching glare of the sun when you’re outside. Not so nice, right? You can get tanned or burned easily, leaving your face in bad condition you wouldn’t like. But using custom dad hats solves that problem.

All you have to do is put it on and be on your way. You can walk the whole mile and not have to worry about getting a tan or a burn. Plus, it shields your eyes from sun rays. If you have a photophobia condition or you know anyone who has, a dad hat is highly recommended. You can see some of our recommended fits here.

 A custom hat keeps your hair in proper check:

If you’re a huge fan of outdoor games like baseball, tennis, sports, or you love to go for an early morning or evening run, then you definitely should get this hat. It prevents you from having to deal with your hair getting splayed across your face and creating a distraction or discomfort.

The best thing to do is pack your hair into a ponytail and wear custom dad hats. Just that! You can go for your run, work on the treadmill, or play your games without having to worry about the wind leaving your hair in disarray.

It hides unkempt hair:

Having a custom dad hat in your wardrobe is a utility on its own. It comes in handy on days your hair isn’t cooperating. You don’t have to bother about making runs with bad hair when you can simply sweep them beneath the cap and be on your way.

Also, if you want to make a quick stop at the grocery store and your hair’s a mess, the custom hat’s got you covered. Its relaxed fit ensures your comfort while salvaging the situation.

Custom hats stand in as finishing touches to your outfits:


Okay, so I guess we’re back to fashion. Have you ever worn an outfit, or you’re all dressed up but still feel like something’s lacking? And no, it may not be the shoes, the belts, or the accessories. You just can’t seem to get that confidence that comes with being fashionable.

Here’s a bonus tip. Try adding a custom hat next time you’re experiencing that. Yes, it works! This fashion gem is just the perfect puzzle fit you need to slay that dress or outfit. Go on, try it out.

When next you’re stocking up your closet or wardrobe, don’t forget to stop by and shop for a couple of dad hats. It’s an exquisite blend of fashion and class.

Here’s how to DIY customize your dad hats

This variant of the baseball cap can come in plain monochrome colors. But, here’s the deal. If you’re one who fancies standing out and looking glamorous in a subtle way, you should consider making dad hats that are customized just for you.

Anytime you walk by, someone can identify you easily from the crowd. Sounds like a great idea?

Getting your dad hats embroidered with logos, writings, or some nice photos, is not as tasking and tedious as it may seem. Here are a few ideas:

Stitch the designs or words you love best onto the cap: Nothing absolutely beats going for what you love. First off, get a list of words you’d want on your hat or designs you admire. Trace them on the hat where you want them to be. You’re totally free to custom design your hat from any angle.

When all these are set, begin your stitching slowly. You may need a chunk of patience for this, but definitely, the end result is so worth it! There you go, you’ve got yourself a beautifully embroidered hat.

Try the pasting method: Now, this is usually easy to do. All you have to do is get a pack of sticky endearing emojis or notes and pick anyone of your choice. Next, peel off the paper covering at the back to reveal the sticky part, and place same on your hat. A parchment paper comes in handy here.

Carefully place it over the sticker and iron the designed area that’s it. You have yourself a simple yet elegant dad hat now.

Use cloth paint to customize your hat: This is the easiest of all. Get bottled cloth paint from the store and use it to write your favorite words on your hat. Don’t hesitate to be expressive. Write what you love. When you’re done, leave it to dry for a few minutes before rocking your hat to the store. Cheers!

Reach out to an embroidery outlet or store to help you make a custom hat. Some online stores and nearby malls offer custom hat services. All you have to do is check-in and tell them what you want. There, you have it; your hat is personalized to your taste.

Custom dad hats give off a confident feel. They’re essential for wardrobe fashion and style. Want to shop for these hats? Then you should click here.