9 tips to know about custom hats

Are you in the hat business? Here are a few tips that will help you. Let’s take a look.

1, What are the common embroidery threads?

The hat embroidery process looks simple, its height can be customized to show thousands of different effects. Today we give you a simple popular science in addition to the common outside of the special embroidery.

Wool Yarn: Wool Yarn than the general embroidery thread to a lot of thick, is a different thread embroidery, generally used to do towel embroidery above, used in the hat above is also less, general with washing denim hat made of very good results.

Wire: the main feature of the thread is that the outer layer is covered with a metal film, the inner layer is made of Rayon or polyester silk, the surface gloss is very high, so the visual effect is very good, but because the wire is in embroidery, embroidery thread and cloth easily between friction, heat, resulting in broken line.

Polyester Silk: This is the most commonly used embroidery, cap 3d embroidery, flat embroidery with this most, this embroidery thread is characterized by good machine embroidery effect, embroidery clear, elastic, washing water does not fade.


2, The metal breathable eyelets

In the process of making hats, we often use an accessory material-metal eyelets. Eyelets in the hat is the main use of ventilation effect, some color eyelets can also play a role in increasing the beauty of the hat.

There are many kinds of metal eyelets, from the material to be divided into copper, iron, alloy and so on. The iron material is the worst in quality and the cheapest in price because it rusts easily.

Next is the alloy material, its characteristic is not easy to rust, and hardness is more durable, the best is the copper buckle, with alloy material properties and color is very retro beautiful.

Metal eyelets

Finally is the spray paint, generally is the use of environmental protection paint, the first is not easy to fall off, the second is harmless to the human body and other advantages, the general industrial paint is unable to achieve this effect.

Make a hat with this kind of eyelets, have aerate already beautiful, and do no harm to the body.

3, The difference between woven label and printing label in hat customization

Woven label: as the name implies, is woven out of the mark, you can see in the picture, just like knitting sweater, woven out of a large machine, the quality is much better than printing mark if you are doing brand OEM hats, of course, the brand mark preferred weaving wheat

Printing label: as the name implies, is printed

Printing label is used for ingredients and Chinese manufacturer Made in China cars on hats. Color and texture may not be beautiful woven label.

4, How can you tell if a hat is good or bad?

Best of fabric
Sparse polyester cotton

Hat is a kind of clothing adornment which is often used in our daily life. It has a wide range of uses: decoration, protection, props, gifts and so on, today we’ll tell you the secret of how to tell a good hat from a bad one.

First of all, from the point of view of the material of the hat, a good hat material is generally very fastidious.

The ordinary baseball hat material is made of cotton as a regular material, and the price is also medium to above average. This kind of hat is usually confused with the T/C fabric, T/C material is 80% polyester 20% cotton, and cotton hat is the biggest difference is the feel will be more uniform, so it must be distinguished, the cost of this hat and cotton vary greatly.

5, How is the wool hat made?

There are many types of wool styling hats — felt hats, jazz hats, styling hats, wool top hat factory. We usually see these hats are bright and beautiful, but many people do not know how they are made into shape, and there has always been an unsolved mystery in their hearts.

Today, I want to show you a small edition, what kind of abrasives are used to make the everyday shaped cap.

The abrasives are usually made of aluminum. The wool cap is pressed into shape at a high temperature.

Then skilled workers use scissors to cut off the excess around the cap, and the CAP is basically shaped, very this kind of felt hat can add adornment to go up, it is medium belt or the adornment of a few flowers commonly. This will make the whole hat look very nice and natural.

6, The type of embossing used in hat making

embossed logo
Embossed 2

Professional processing hat process, usually we will use a lot of embossing accessories used to do decorative car in the hat and clothes above, a variety of embossing, a variety of different shapes, styles.

The products mainly include:

  1. Cartoon, such as: Snowman, skull, ghost, bone, Pumpkin head, cat head, KT CAT head, monkey head, bear, BB bear, etc.
  2. Christmas items such as hats, shoes, socks, trees, Candy Canes, snowflakes, Bells, etc.
  3. Other categories such as clothing, aprons, bottles, gloves, boots, handbags, hats, glasses, cars, sailboats, horns, arrows, crosses, etc. .

The cloth materials used are colored cloth, Malay oil cloth, plush cloth, wool adhesive cloth, halberd cloth, non-woven cloth, side wheel cloth, Denim, magic color cloth, laser cloth, plaid cloth, printed leather, Mesh cloth, lace, etc. Hat material processing, the same embossing can also be customized with the same cloth hat.

7, Can satin fabric make a baseball cap?

Satin fabric is rarely used as a hat, as it is softer and is sometimes used as a hat lining, but this lavender Satin hat is made from the best satin fabric.

The satin fabric is very thin, generally will not take directly makes the baseball cap, must attach a cloth to be able to do, but because the cloth is too thin, when fitting is very easy to blister, this is a technical problem.

So after the discussion of the masters, finally decided to use a greater hardness of the fabric, paste out of the color pudding will not wrinkle, very suitable for making a hat.

After many twists and turns and technical difficulties, the baseball cap of this satin fabric was finally made and mass-produced, and the order was completed on time and quality.

Satin cap

8, The advantages of using brushed fabrics for hats

I believe we are still wondering what is the hat brushed fabric and its advantages? Today, we give you a small series about the advantages of brushed fabrics.

What is brushed fabric? Brushed fabrics are generally cotton oblique cotton fabrics, through friction, the surface of the fabric to form a layer of short nap, thus changing the feel and appearance of hat fabrics. Brushed is an additional process, mostly used for retro-style hats.

On the plus side, buffed fabrics enhance the softness of the hat fabric, giving it a much better feel than un-brushed fabrics, and increasing warmth by adding a short layer of fluff.

9,What’s the difference between custom hats and off the shelf hats on the market?

In the general market, there are two types of hat purchasing, customization and spot purchasing. The custom price has a certain time limit, the spot purchasing cost is low and the time required is short, the buyer can choose whether to customize or purchase from stock according to his own requirement and purchasing budget.

Hat customization is a complicated process, which needs the approval of both the supplier and the demander before the hat can be produced. Often the time cost is higher than the value of the hat itself, but the value of the hat after the finished product is also very big, such as a promotional hat, can play a very good publicity effect, thus increasing product sales.

Or a brand of commemorative activities, custom-made hats play a very meaningful role, can let everyone deepen the brand impression and publicity efforts, but also a soft and broad implantation.

Here you can see a factory specializing in custom-made hats, M.G.D HEADWEAR professional custom hat for 10 years.

Spot wholesale general customer requirements are low cost, and short time procurement mode. Often on the hat requirements are not high, or are disposable hats, so the use of hat procurement is very popular, the price requirement is naturally very low.